About Us

Welcome to Homeland Arbitration! We help people handle common legal issues on their own in a very affordable way.

Homeland Arbitration specializes in “pro se” law — often called self-help law or do it yourself law. We provide the necessary tools, information and assistance to help you create the legal documents you need to manage everyday law issues: Last Will and Testaments, Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Incorporation, Leases, Deeds, Employee Manuals, Living Wills, Trusts and much more.

With Homeland Arbitration, anyone who can read straight-forward directions and answer specific questions related to their personal situation can manage these common legal issues without having to hire — or pay for — an attorney!

Homeland Arbitration offers ways for people to manage legal issues on their own with legal document preparation services.

Through our legal document preparation service, a professional document preparation specialist will provide a questionnaire to you and will then create the custom legal forms you need using the information you provide, so that all you need to do is read, confirm and sign the documents and then file or distribute them as directed.

Of course, not every legal situation lends itself to self-help law. If you have a complex or uncommon legal matter, if you are caught up in a criminal issue, or if you are not sure you can manage any part of the legal process on your own, you should seek the advice of a lawyer. But Homeland Arbitration can help there, too: we offer an Attorney referral service that can help you find a qualified local law firm!

Click on any of the links below to learn more. Have a question about the legal topics we cover? Check out a comprehensive series of questions and answers at Homeland Arbitration.

We want to help you resolve your legal situations in an affordable and stress-free way. It’s why our business exists. So thank you for taking the time to visit Homeland Arbitration.